Pipe Making

26th November 2016.

I have just finished a set of Scottish Small Pipes in the key of D. They are in Yew with box mounts and ferrules and a green bag. They are sounding very beautiful and sweet and have been well played in.

Available now at a cost of 1,500 pounds

First come first served.


Sorry – these are now sold. 3/12/16.



On 31st October 2013 Hamish  handed the main pipe making business over  to his son, Fin.

Fin will continue to make Scottish Small Pipes in A, Bb, C and D, Border and Reel Pipes and Highland Pipes in A and Bb.

Hamish, however, will be dealing with all  the administrative work. Correspondence can be via

postal mail – Fungarth Farm Steading, Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland PH8 0ES

email – hamish@hamishmoore.org

Telephone – +44(0)1350 728 838.

Scottish Small Pipes in A,Bb,C and D.

Border and Reel Pipes.

Highland Pipes in A and Bb.

Hamish will be helping Fin out as and when needed but will be actively working on the development of his border chanter, embarking on making his limited edition sets, continuing work on writing his book and continuing his many and varied musical projects.

Hamish Moore 22/10/13.

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  1. MacZampogna says:

    31 October 2013, Fin starts officially the main piping business: good luck Fin!
    I am sure you will enhance the magnifico work done by Hamish.

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