Moving Cloud

The adaptation of this popular Irish Reel to the Scottish Pipes was originally inspired by my friend and flute player Rory Morrison. We played together in a couple of bands in the late’70s and early ’80s while I lived in Kingussie and during this time he ¬†pointed out that most of the second part of this Irish reel could be played note for note on The Scottish Pipes but just played an octave down. This was enough for me to adapt the first two parts of the tune to the pipes and write a further two parts thus making it a four part reel. This was achieved in 1980.I played it on a Robbie Shepherd programme in the key of F in 1983 and I recorded the tune on my second album, “Open Ended” in 1987. It was subsequently published in my tune book, “The Rumblin Brig” in 1993.

Robert Mathieson included this tune in his book, “Marking Time, book 1” but omitted to credit me with arranging the first two parts for Scottish Pipes and also with authorship of parts three and four.

The Rumblin Brig, 1993

Moving Cloud, arranged / composed by Hamish Moore

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